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Columbus Day Party! Chili-Cook-off

Chili Cook-off Rules

Please take note that we have added an additional category.... Presentation! Prizes will again be awarded for this category, so be sure to read the restrictions below.  Also, remember that cooking begins at 8:00 am. 

For the simple fact that this party/chili cookoff is meant to be a fun time for all attending, and participation most often livens (that is a word right?) everyone up, we have decided to provide some recipes for various types of chili.  Now no one will have an excuse for not arriving early!

The esteemed winner will be emblazoned on this stainless chili pot! The reigning champ cooks from the trophy each year.

Rule 1. Chili cook-off entry is $15 if entry is received before October 1. Entry fee is $20 after that. So, if you send in your entry before October 1 you only have to pay $15 at the cook-off. (You are consenting to pay $15 if you send the entry form.) If you require financial assistance concerning the entry fee, we advise that you refrain from joining the contest at this time. If you need help with fifteen bucks, then you would probably skimp on ingredients for your chili. You should not be spending money on chili ingredients in the first place (although these priorities are admirable).

Rule 2. You may enter any time before 8am the day of the contest. Entry form below. You must have a name. If you can not provide a name, one will be given for you, like "duh" or "duhhh"..

Rule 3. All chili must be ready for judging by 12 noon. No matter how silly the idea of having a deadline may be to a veteran chili contest champion, it is mandatory that all chili must be ready for sampling by this time. Any noncompliance with this rule will result in chili confiscation and the contestant will be disqualified, beaten, and set on fire.

Rule 4. Ingredients must be displayed. You must develop a minimum of six(6) US quarts of your concoction. Please be specific in listing your ingredients. The judges will have a column on their judging sheet for this display. Listing exact ingredients will help to reduce confusion and maintain a level of consistency throughout the judging process. You may believe the ingredient "PEPPER" is sufficient; however, this could be seen as ambiguous. For all we know, this could include Cayenne pepper, black pepper, lemon pepper, Dr. Pepper, Salt-n-pepa, and Pepperite (the common pepper substitute for those on a low pepper diet).

Rule 5. Your chili may contain anything you think will win; however, the chili will be judged on taste and appearance. These criteria are highly subjective so the judges will have the final say. If you are entering this contest then you probably have good taste and a craving for fun and excitement. We would ask that you use common sense when preparing and mixing your chili ingredients. Although you may think adding leaded gasoline, DDT, seven-dust, Hydrofluoric acid, Styrofoam, dope, razor blades, and shards of broken glass will cause your chili to blaze through the finish line, please remember that some individuals may not be able to eat your chili. Your reasonable and customary behavior will be appreciated. You can act unreasonable after the contest.

Rule 6. The chili you enter must be cooked on site. (This is a chili cook-off, not a picnic.) The meat shall be RAW when you arrive at the site. (Okay to marinate before hand but you must mention the marinating in your list of ingredients.) Other ingredients may be premixed if you so desire. You need to bring your own heating device.

Rule 7. No past winners may duplicate their recipe.

Rule 8. Awards will be:

Best Columbus Day Party! Chili

Best Bean Chili

Best Texas Style Chili

Best Combustible Chili

Best Presentation

First prize for best Columbus Day Party! chili is your name engraved on a huge chili pot for eternity (see above.. revolving trophy), Columbus Day Party! t-shirt and a gift certificate to Academy (sports and outdoors) for at least $75.00. We tried for the Porsche and the getaway for 4 to Austrailia but that fell through. The rest of the awards are bragging rights.

Judging will start at 12:05pm. Chili must be ready at 12noon.

Official Judging Criteria: awards will be given on the following basis.

A) Best Columbus Day Party! Chili (First Prize): Judged as best tasting from all catagories and most likely to make you loosen your pants to eat more. When loosening pants, please remember that others are present. They may be offended if they think you are publicly removing your garments.

B) Best Bean Chili: Judged as best chili that includes beans. (Chili can contain anything else also.) Individuals in enclosed areas must seek well ventilated areas within 1-2 hours following initial consumption of this chili.

C) Best Texas Style Chili: Judged by thickness and least amount of fillers(i.e. no beans,rice, noodles etc. only meat and chiles.)If any of you yankees try to mix your Vienna sausages and/or spam in your "Texas" chili you will be disqualified. We will send you back home where you can drink your pop and eat your clam chowder.

D) Best Combustible Chili: Judged by the hottest chili that is still edible. For those contestants who prefer to use duplicating fluid and/or powdered oxygen, please refrain from combining these ingredients in your chili. This will be considered cheating and will be grounds for immediate spanking.

E) Best Presentation: Each contestant will be assigned 10 feet of frontage to the central party area. The depth of the booth will be at least 12 feet. Best Presentation will be awarded to the contestant who creates the most attractive/entertaining/original/fun display within those boundaries.Please note: the Radio City Music Hall “Rockettes” will _not_ fit in the designated area.

Chili Cook-Off advisements:

Advisement 1.  You MUST furnish your own heating device. Electricity is not available.(please do not bring hair dryers, curling irons, flame throwers, portable fusion reactors, or any other facsimile thereof).

Advisement 2. Serving bowls and spoons will be provided We discourage the act of immersing or dipping fingers, hands, and buttocks into chili pots. We do not know where these appendages have been; furthermore, it is unsanitary. We do not want individuals walking around with unsightly stains on their fingers and hands. It is much easier to tilt the pot and "drink" from it directly. Contestants need not bring their fine china. The hosts will provide an ample supply of bowls and spoons.

Advisement 3. Minimum amount of six quarts of chili must be furnished to be eligible for prizes.

The CDP! Chili Entry Form

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